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Solutions for the professional scientific & technical industry
Interested in drug testing solutions for the professional industry? We welcome the opportunity to connect on your drug testing wish list.
Professional Industry

Drug Testing Index® Spotlight
As companies like yours face rising challenges in recruiting, retaining, and growing staff, you can’t afford to compromise on workforce drug testing.

Make the best decisions about building and managing your professional workforce.
Drug test program efficiency checklist
You know the reasons for drug testing, but do you know if your program is working as well as it could?

Use this guide to help ensure your efforts deliver the confidence and reputation demand.

With drug testing, the experience can make a huge difference
With a little thought—and the right partner—you can help ensure you give your employees and candidates the best possible interaction.

Help create the best drug test experience possible.
Resources, tools, and the latest data in one place
We know that staying well-informed is important to you. These resources can help answer your questions, improve your programs, and leverage best practices. 

Unlock your drug testing knowledge.

The latest publications from Quest Diagnostics Employer Solutions.

Stay up to date on topics important to business owners and workforce safety.

Learn about trending workforce drug use positivity rates through our library of supporting content.

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